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Khaled Abol Naga Head shot

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Essays written by fans of Khaled

 E S S A Y
Eline Harold
Wednesday, 28 August, 2002 3:19 PM

                                    --------BY :ELINE  HAROLD ------------

Have you ever seen a super star more beautiful than Tom Cruise and stronger than Arnold? His English is more accurate than that of Richard Bertoun and his personality more attractive than Omar Sharif.

He is an excellent actor and a perfect ball player and an intellegent annoncer and an elegant model and has a charming character. Everyone loves him. When you watch him singing and dancing,  you remember Kelly at once.

This is The Egyptian Miracle called Khaled Abol Naga.

He acts every role in a perfect way. How amazing he is in the musical play "Down Town" (WEST EL BALAD) !! How strong he is as an officer in an Egyptian movie called "DIGNITY DAY" What splendid acting He gave a sophisticated ordinary citizen in (MOWATEN WE MOKHBER WE HARAMY) "Citizen, a Detective and a Thief"!!

In brief, He is convincing and very gifted.
(PS: Besides he has the most adorable body in The Globe!)

Hollywood had never such a star. I hereby ask the grand American directors like Cameron Crowe and Steven Spilburg  for rediscovering This Egyptian Legend.

In such a process, Khaled might be missed very much by The Arab world audience. but audiences of  the world will be the winner.

We at www.khaledabolnaga.com want to clarify that we publish essays sent by fans of Khaled Abol Naga as they are, We dont necessarily agree with all/or part of its content nor that we require any artistic value to publish them, We wanted to publish them just as they are as examples to what the Growing fans of Khaled send us, here is Khaled's response:
AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!OH My GOD! Please Dont publish any more emails like this, Its crazy.
I think she is mistaken with someone else!

Eline Harold

Friday, 23 August, 2002 3:49 PM

-----------BY  ELINE  HAROLD -------------

There are so many stars in the arab world and there are so many successful people in the globe, but you rarely find someone like Khaled Abol Naga.

Today I write about him as a person and how and why he is considered a priceless gem!!

Khaled is very different from anyone else as his qualifications are so special,
I think He is one of the most inteligent people in the world.  You feel this from his eyes (and his CV of course). Very kind... very modest... has a sense of humour.... too serious in everything in Life yet  playfull as well.

He is kind and modest. He never ever embarasses anyone:
25 years ago, In 1979, he was a little child acting the role of (Child of Nagla Fathy and Ahmed Mazhar in a movie named "Madness of Love") He was able to captivate you by his wonderful smile. Then he disappeared for studying in University and travelled abroad.After more than 20 years of studying and travelling and working,he came back to Lights with the same innoccent and charming smile. The same kind heart. He feels very confused when a fan exepresses her/his admiration and tells him she/he likes him.

Khaled is very organised in his work and very serious. He works as an actor after finishing studying Drama in A U C. and The USA,  He always tries to know evey detail about the character he plays and its back ground and also the other characters in the play or movie he participates in.
That is why you do not find him agreeing to taking part in every episode or movie since he chooses his roles very carefully because he knows this is a very heavy responsiblity.

He respects himself and more importantly He respects the public. This is one of the reasons of his great success. Besides he is respectful for everything relating to work and cares for everyone. You can consider him the most dissiplined man.... Alyaws on time ... The first comer to the location and the last person going back. He understands how to be a director, but he does not want to direct up to now since Khaled is a perfectionist. That is why he is always unsatisfied  with his work even if it is really great and recommended by everyone. I told him so many times he should be self-confident but he remains as usual despite consensus.

Finally, Khaled is an Arabic word that means "ETERNAL". I believe that Khaled's smile will ever be ETERNAL

Eline Harold
requires less of a response, this one, but Hey Eline.. this seems like you know Khaled in person!! Do You??
Please... No More of this!