Khaled on Khaled!

Khaled on Khaled!

So the webmasters asked me to write about myself:

Cairo 10 Jan 2004
Well... I told them If I'm writing about myself I'd rather be really honest. I try to be...

How honest Could I be anyway

I asked myself:
Could I be Really 100% honest?
Notice the "Could I" part
meaning Could I tell everything about myself, about my life, my stories, findings, beliefs?
Could I be
50% or 10% honest?
and hide the "private" rest?

I found myself asking:

Should I be Really 100% honest?
Notice the "Should I" part
meaning Should I really do it?
and Why Should I?
To share my knowledge and experience with everyone?!

Well, but Should I do that to everyone or to a selected people that I care for?
so honest to ALL or SOME people?

Even if it is possible?
that is I Could and I Should!

Would I like to be honest?
Notice the "Would I" part
meaning Would I really like to be admittedly an open book to everyone? and What happens If I change, or develop to someone else!

Well may be I should date it
and say this is me today and only today!! Does that make sense?

Do we change at all afterall?

or Should I write about who I think I am in general. parts of me that I believe is unchageable... Born with it, my DNA as I think it is??
so be honest about me or my DNA?

even if If I reach an agreement that (Lets say)
I Could only be 10% honest & that
I Should be honest only to some people.
Would I still like it?

so in summary:

Could I be honest? 
Should I be honest?
Would I be honest?

Amazingly my answer is


As a child: I longed for balance in my life, I longed to have a stable life, I longed for happiness.

As a teen ager: I developed an intimate personal conversation with myself, I even kept a diary.
That was crucial in  developing the artist in me, I even started my first artistic outlet, a school under-cover magazine!. It was then I knew I could, I should and I prooved to myself I would... be myself.
It was then that I learned the beauty of literature, theatre, film, all art forms really.
As a man, I knew I am closer to the real test. To really be honest with thyself and stand up for who I am.
Be a real Man.
But it took much longer than I ever expected. 10 years I say.

more later...
Cairo 27 March 2004
I'm Back... (..well Later..!)