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6 May 2008>          What is  pangea day? 10 May 2008
Khaled Abol Naga is one of the speakers / Hosts (including H.M. Queen Noor of Jordan and Christiane Amanpour of CNN) at an International Global event in several countries at the same instant on 10 May
Starting at 18:00 GMT (9pm Cairo time) on May 10, 2008, locations in Cairo, Kigali, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Rio de Janeiro will be linked for a live program of powerful films, live music, and visionary speakers. The entire program will be broadcast – in seven languages – to millions of people worldwide through the internet, television, and mobile phones.
Here is the website>> dont miss it ;) and below is facebook link

27 April 2008>
HELIOPOLIS is Naga's new Film to be released soon this summer in Egypt
website here       
Trailer here now


Khaled Abol Naga.......... Ibrahim

Hany Adel ............ Hany

Yousra El-Louzy ........Yousra

Hanan Motawe’ .......... Engy

Mahmoud El-Louzy ....... Aramian

Somaya ........... Reem

Atef Yousef ..........Ali

Aya Soliman ......... Maha

Mohamad Brequa’ ...... The Solder

Marwan Azab ......... The Dealer

Aida Abdel Aziz ....... Vira

Ramadan Khater ....... Sayed

Chrestin Solomon ...... Chrestin

Mahmoud Hamdi .. The Police Offficer

Tamer El-Said

And The Voice of
Hend Sabry

Written And Directed By:
Ahmad Abdalla

خالد أبو النجا: ابراهبم

هاني عادل : هاني

يسرا اللوزي: يسرا

حنان مطاوع: إنچي

محمود اللوزي: أراميان

سمية: ريم

عاطف يوسف: علي

آية سليمان: مها

محمد بريقع: الجندي

مروان عزب: الديلر

عايدة عبد العزيز : ڤيرا

رمضان خاطر: سيد

كرستين سليمان: كرستين

محمود حمدي: الضابط

تامر السعيد

و مشاركة صوتية من
هند صبري

تأليف و إخراج
  أحمد عبد الله

21 april 2008>

UNICEF Egypt renews Khaled Abol Naga’s Appointment as Goodwill Ambassador

Egyptian young movie star Khaled Abol Naga and UNICEF have renewed their partnership for children for the second consecutive year.

Mr. Abol Naga’s appointment as UNICEF Egypt Goodwill Ambassador was first signed in March 2007.  During this year, Mr. Abol Naga has addressed several issues affecting children in Egypt including HIV/AIDS, female genital mutilation, street children and adolescents’ development. 
“Despite his extremely busy professional schedule, we were often amazed by the immense dedication and energy that Khaled was willing to give in support of children’s causes. His desire to make changes happen to ensure their rights and well-being is genuine” said Dr. Erma Manoncourt, UNICEF Egypt Representative.

Mr. Abol Naga has shown constant commitment to creating awareness on HIV/AIDS.  He has spoken out on issues of stigma and discrimination through his appearance in television interviews, radio public service announcement, seminars and public events. He also met with people living with HIV to discuss their needs and concerns.

For Mr. Abol Naga this has been an eye-opening experience: “My initial aim was to address issues that are normally found by people as hard to talk about.  Through my visits over the past year to UNICEF-supported projects, I was inspired by the passion and commitment of young people to make a real change.  What I feel we need to do is to ensure that more people participate in these projects and I am committed to playing an active part in making this happen.”

Standing up against female genital mutilation is another area that Mr. Abol Naga has been involved in.  He visited UNICEF’s partner NGOs in Upper Egypt where he met with volunteers and youth to discuss the harms of the practice.

Changing society’s views on street children is also a cause that the Goodwill Ambassador has taken on. At a UNICEF-supported event held this year by 40 NGOs in solidarity with children in street situations, Mr. Abol Naga highlighted the forms of abuse and violence that the children in street situations face everyday. “All what these children want from us is to love them. We should take the time to get to know them, not ignore them or push them away” said Mr. Abol Naga.

UNICEF works globally with many celebrities, with wide ranges of talents and achievements, but who all have one common feature which is their commitment to improving the lives of children. Goodwill Ambassadors work on voluntary basis with UNICEF to attract people’s attention to children’s issues, and make valuable contributions to the organization’s efforts in highlighting the situation of children and their needs.

26 March 2008> Khaled Abol Naga is one of Egypt film stars seek to shatter stigma of AIDS

"The deliberate confusion (around the issue) must stop -- stigmatisation does not help the fight against AIDS," he said, adding that he hopes to be part of a new generation dedicated to shattering such persistent stereotypes.

26 Jan 2008> Khaled returned from Oman Film Festival and I managed to get an image via  MMS from Khaled's cell, He is away somewhere! near a beach as you can tell from the image!, Naga (he signed his sms by Naga ;)) said he is on vaccation somewhere! preparing for his new role.. The new movie is a big project which Khaled is keeping its details from any press till now, seems  like a very special story .

23 Jan 2008>  Khaled Abol Naga and mohamed Khan are in Oman Muscat Film Festival:       Muscat 5th Film Festival 22-29Jan 2008:

خالد ابوالنجا و محمد خان فى مهرجان مسقط فى عمان
يحضر حاليا خالد ابوالنجا بطل فيلم (فى شقه مصر الجديده) مع مخرج الفيلم محمد خان فعاليات مهرجان مسقط السينمائى الخامس حيث يشترك الفيلم فى المسابقه الرسميه
حرص  خالد و خان على حضور تكريم المخرج الكبير توفيق صالح امس حيث القى توفيق صالح كلمه مؤثره عن امنيته القديمه بزياره سلطنه عمان
خالد هو النجم المصرى الوحيد الذى حضر حيث اعتذر فاروق الفيشاوى  و اخرين
حضر ايضاالمخرج  سعد هنداوى وطارق الشناوى و عزه كامل للتحكيم و  اليوم على ابوشادى
من الجدير بالذكر ان فيلم (الوان السما السابعه)لسعد هنداوى تأخر شحنه الى المهرجان حتى الان و ما زال سعد هنداوى هنا فى مسقط يحاول حل مشاكل شحن الفيلم بنفسه ليل نهار
in photos:

1- Khaled Abol Naga and M Khan  with Egypt Ambassador in Muscat:
Ezz-eldin Fahmy

2-Director Mohamed Khan and star Khaled Abol Naga with Director Tawfic Saleh and Azza kamel at the opening 22Jan2008

18 Jan 2008> Khaled Abol Naga and Tamer Habib (famous script writer) are both among others members of the Jury for the TOP MODEL OF THE WORLD 2007 organised by World Beauty Organisation (WBO) (Germany), at the Stienberger Hotel Al Dau Beach RED SEA , Hurghada


in photo: Jury members Tamer Habib and Khaled Abol Naga with Miss Brazil who got the highest votes in reality by the Jury members and unfairly not announced as winner

Stienberger hotel AL DAU Red Sea 18Jan 2008:
After the Jury votes count which originally was for Brazil and it was clear that Miss Brazil is the winner, The organisers announced on stage Miss Germany as the winner!

Miss Brazil did not even get 2'nd or 3'rd place! contrary to the votes count of the Jury !

in an attempt to absorb the rage of the audience and the Jury members as well!
they gave Miss Brazil (instead of Venezuela as it was planned and written in the envelope) a mere title of Miss south america top model.

Mr khaled Abol Naga and Mr Tamer Habib and others in the Jury panel were furious and protested and asked for a re-count of votes

The  German Mr patrick (Jury leader) dissapeared with the voting papers and when his boss Mr Detlef Tursles (WBO) was asked by the protesting jury to  do something about it!, Nothing happened

as a result Jury members started talking to the press and TV about this unfair and un-proffessional practice of the organisers, when orders were given by the hotel management to block jury members from expressing their views and keep them away from press and TV people!

orders were given to the guards from the German management (Stienberger AL DAU Hotel Red Sea) who violently dragged jury members away and broke some TV cameras and even confiscated several cameras by force from photographers who caught the violence on their cameras!

The scenario kept getting ugly till 5am when the jury members left decided to potpone talking to the press and TV to next day after getting promisses to do a vote recount next day.

The hotel Regional manager showed up again at this nightmare end and appologised officially several times and in writing for the wrong aggressive behaviour of hotel emplyees and security who made the whole matter worsen.

The resident Hotel manager (Karim Boushra) tried to deny the facts and spread rumours about Abol Naga and jury members in an attempt to save the Hotel image in a press conference (according to dpa) that was held without inviting Abol Naga or Tamer Habib as jury members who were both still at Hotel next day as they were promissed to have an official appology at pool area reception. Abol Naga decided to leave Hotel after it was clear that this is the case and reported the incident to the Tourism authority.

It is expected that several investigations will be held by the Tourism Authority of Egypt and OTV sponsor and others harmed in the incident.

17 Jan 2008> Khaled Abol Naga as a UN unicef Goodwill Ambassador  celebrated World Aids Campaign closure ceremony at el Sawy Sakia and calls live an HIV+ young man on the phone and talks about AIDS stigma and unfair conditions for People living with HIV

Khaled said: "The only difference between an HIV+ and anyone else is that the HIV+ guy did make an HIV test and knows his status and others did not"

also he said: "Its totally illogical to treat HIV patients in any way different than Hep.C patients for example cause both viruses are transmitted through the same means"

also: "Indonesia as an example is a very similar country like Egypt in terms of a sexually conservative society and with a low prevelance of HIV back not so long ago and today they have a real problem of a steap increase in HIV infections.. this is on the brinck of happening in Egypt.. WE MUST ALL BE AWARE AND ALERT NOW and work on masses awareness NOW"

Unicef head in Egypt: Erma Manoncourt says: "Khaled keeps our work Honest "

8 Jan 2008> Shooting of Khaled's new film started this time He is starring and producing an Inependant film:

" Heliopolis, Temporarily! "

in photo Khaled Abol Naga, Ahmed Abdallah, and assistant at shoot first day

a new Indie movie starring:
Khaled Abol Naga, Basem Samra, Tamer Habib, Yosra El Lozy, Aida Abdel Aziz, Hanan Metawe3, and more...
Written & Directed by :
Ahmed Abdallah
Produced by:
Sherif Mandour & Khaled Abol Naga (for the first time)

15-25 december 2007> Khaled goes to Marrakech Film Festival then Dubai Film Festivals (pics soon here)

8 december 2007>
Khaled as unicef GWA talks at :
end of the line sailing event in Cairo

in photo Khaled Abol Naga, delivering speach on the day
Khaled talked about a boy he met in Menya MAHAGER who talked to him to take a photo with him and ended up wanting to have a photo in the same pause as in an older one he took when he was a boy at the Mahager all covered in dust

in photo Khaled Abol Naga next to James W. Rawley, Resident Coordinator, United Nations, Egypt, handing out certificates of honour to the SAILING THE NILE volunteer team of the Youth

Khaled said He would like next year the Sailing the Nile went on further to Alexandria

in photo Khaled Abol Naga with the school kids at the event day 
who were eager to show him their paintings about their dreams and aspirations in an extremely warm environment

in photo Khaled Abol Naga with kids from several KASHAFA kids
(Egypt's Girl's Scouts)

in photo Khaled Abol Naga, and VIP atendees:
Erma Manoncourt Unicef Egypt,
and others

in photo Khaled Abol Naga with the school kids at the event day  who were eager to show him their paintings

30 November 2007> Khaled as unicef GWA supports youth of Menya  at: World AIDS Day event at the sailing the Nile event in Menya, Egypt

photo Khaled Abol Naga in Menya Nile coast

Khaled with Amr Waked and Aiman kaissouni on the event day backstage

Khaled met a boy in Menya who used to work in MAHAGER who talked to him to take a photo 
in photo a montage of the kid before and after

in photo Khaled Abol Naga next to
Mahager kids who are now out of being working kids in the MAHAGER OF MENYA

in photo Khaled Abol Naga, and a Mona Zaki look alike in Menya

in photo an image of a catlog of the more than 3000 kids still workers in Mahager of Menya

24-28 October 2007> Khaled igoes to India for Egyptian Cultural event in New Delhi with screening of Sahar El Layaly and Hob El Banat
"Visit Egypt 2008" in India  launched
and other events too in India:
in photo Abol Naga at the Taj Mahal INDIA

in photos Khaled Abol Naga, in INDIA

sorry but we updated all and regained the site after a hostile attack
on 8 Jan 2008 .. since 30 October 2007

16-23 October 2007> Khaled is in Valencia Mostra Film Festival 16-27Oct with 2 films:
A Game of Love in the official competition
and In the Heliopolis flat at festival of festrivals
Divertidos enredos amorosos en la película egipcia

Mohamed Ali and Khaled Abol Naga, the director and actor respectively of the movie Game of love have realized a press conference after the projection of the movie of the official section in the frame of the edition XXVIII of the Mostra of Valency - movie theater of the Mediterrani. The movie counts the relation and conversations between two persons who are not supported but who are convicted to spend certain time together in the course of a trip in train.

The actor, Khaled Abol Naga, has commented the fact that it is a movie perfectly asumible . In this sense, the director of the movie has said that what more attracted attention of him of the script is that it was talking each other of " situations and slightly common entanglements in my country, although here yes they are more normal ". Nevertheless, then he has admitted that it has limited itself to " to reflecting a part of the Egyptian society. The director has highlighted the role of the woman in the movie and in Egypt

in photo  Khaled Abol Naga  and Director Mohamed Ali in Film Festival in Valencia Spain

Mohamed Ali y Khaled Abol  Naga, director y actor respectivamente de la película Game of love han realizado una rueda de prensa tras la proyección del film de la sección oficial en el marco de la XXVIII edición de la Mostra de Valencia-Cinema del Mediterrani.
La película cuenta la relación y conversaciones entre dos personas que no se soportan pero que están condenadas a pasar cierto tiempo juntos en el transcurso de un viaje en tren.
El actor, Khaled Abol Naga, ha comentado el hecho de que es un film perfectamente asumible “para el público de occidental”. En este sentido, el director de la película ha dicho que lo que más le llamó la atención del guión es que se trataba de “situaciones y enredos poco comunes en mi país, aunque aquí sí sean más normales”. Sin embargo, luego ha reconocido que se ha limitado a “reflejar una parte de la sociedad egipcia.
El director ha resaltado el papel de la mujer en la película y en Egipto “la película muestra los diferentes posicionamientos de la mujer ante las relaciones. Se trata de una película que habla tanto del amor como de la libertad de la mujer”

17 September 2007> Happy Ramadan and all... Webmasters Back from Summer vaccation... yaaay

23 July 2007> Happy 23 July!... lots  of News soon ...!

25 June 2007> NEWS:
- UNICEF WORK: Abol Naga  as a unicef Goodwill Ambassador  inaugurates with key  figures (inc. HE Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak) the Arabic version of the Violence against children UN report for the Arab world & mid-east region:
Khaled joined 20 kids from 9 Arab countries  in a roundtable discussion that was very intresting;
- Fayoum int'l Film Festival: Opens for the 4th year with Khaled's support, this year a lot of stars  joined as well... The opening night movie is Khaled's "In a Heliopolis flat"
-  Khaled speaks to OTV about his Agamista  experience in a new show soon

25 May 2007> 'AGAMISTA' opens in Cairo .. Tuesday 12 June is the premiere

Khaled  Abol Naga
Sherif Ramzy

Directed & script by :
Tarek Abdel Moaty

also starring:
Sherif Helmy
Amr Mamdouh
Ramy Fouad

May Ezz El Din

Riham Abdel Ghafour


Civic Duty opened in theatres in USA 4May and the reviews are pouring .. here is a summary:

 * NBC REEL TALK REVIEW here> Video link>

Reel Talk Review: 'Civic Duty'
Jeffrey Lyons and Alison Bailes review "Civic Duty".
'Egyptian Actor Khaled Abol Naga and Peter Krause are great and ends up being in a play kind of... both of them... I wanted to see more of that... Great work...'
1- LATIMES link here>> LAtimes reviews the movie and calls Khaled a "TOTAL BABE"
...Gabe Hassan (Khaled Abol Naga), .... a
total babe... >>the movie Review link here>
2- Herald Tribune link here>>
Peter Krause and Khaled Abol Naga star in "Civic Duty"
...Egyptian star Abol Naga
easily out-acts Peter Krause!...
3-The Hollywood Reporter review here>>
...well matched by his charismatic co-star (Khaled Abol Naga), who must constantly keep us guessing as to whether his character is an innocent victim or a deadly terrorist.
4a- Photo & report re Post 9/11 in Herald Tribune & NY Times here>>
4b- Another review in NY Times here>>
5- PopSyndicate Review here>>

Khaled Abol Naga is making his US debut but he is a big star on the other side of the world.  His reacted upon movements never give up his motives.
  There is both calm and menace in his work....
6- Entertainment Insiders' Review here>>
Naga, when he finally starts talking, is great...
7- Review by Common Sense here>>
8- Rview by Mytelus here>>

9- Review by The Trade here>>

Naga seems to demonstrate the qualities that have made him a star in Egypt, flitting back and forth between personalities that could be perceived as either evil or misunderstood as easily as he shifts into frightened victim or amiable neighbor...
10- Review by InsideBayarea here>>

Gabe...  is breathtakingly good-looking, funny and articulate.

11- Review by Boston Herald here>>
12- Review by AbsoluteNow here>>
13- Review by VideoTO here>>
14- Review by Chicago Tribune here>>
15- Review by SFweekly here>>

16- The Seatle times here>>

more here soon

6 May 2007>

Khaled is in Amman Jordan for supporting Aman Special needs kids center campaign...

and as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in events in Cairo soon...

25 April. 2007> Khaled is in Beirut hosting Ragheb Alama and Latifa and Haifa Wahby in Taratata TV prog in a very special episode

This episode of ‘Taratata’ will be aired on Dubai channel Sunday May 6th

Haifa was hosted alongside Lebanese singer Ragheb Alamah, Issam Karika  and Arwa from Yemen.

The episode is about two hours long, where Haifa sang a duet with Ragheb and she performed some of her most popular songs like ‘Ya Hayat Albi’, ‘Mish Adra Astana’ and the audiences special request, her new song ‘Naughty’.

13 April. 2007> Goodwill Ambassador: Khaled Abol Naga visiting New york:
Khaled met with UNICEF and H.E. Sheikha Haya Rashed Al Khalifa. President of the sixty-first session of the United Nations General Assembly

I called Khaled and he told me He is in New York for CIVIC DUTY movie US release and visiting UNICEF and UN, I called while Khaled was Interviewed on UN Radio

10 April. 2007> Khaled Abol Naga in London meets Omneya the BBCe e-ticket winner

I just got the wonderfull news that at 1pm today in a very warm hearted meeting
Khaled Abol Naga has been appointed as a:
UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

MABROOOK Khaled You desrve it...
I got a small CV here with a  short list of Khaled's activities during last year:

      • April'07: UNICEF National Goodwill Ambassador
      • March'07: Khaled visited HIV Karitas test center project in Alexandria
      • February'07: Khaled talked in a seminar at the Cairo Children’s Film Festival
      • January'07: Khaled was a speaker and activist at Youth awareness workshop event about National Egyptian against HIV campaign at Ismailia, Suez
      • November'06: Khaled launched Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS & Hepatitis C Campaign in Cairo Opera House

20 March. 2007> Tuesday 20 March 9pm at CityStars Cinema  is the premiere of KASHF HESAB .. see you there:


Khaled  Abol Naga
M Moghny
Randa El Behairy
Ahmed S Abdel Ghany
Lotfy Labeeb

script by : Dr M Refaat
DOP: Ahmed Gabr
Direted by : Amir Ramsis

12 March. 2007> Wednesday 14 March 9pm at Nile City Cinema (NEW ABRAG OF SAWIRES korniche el Nil) is the premiere of MAFISH GHER KEDA None But That! Musical movie.... yaaa.. see you there

- Khaled's
M Khan Movie
FI SHAKET MASR EL GEDIDA premiered 7 March 2007

Tarek El Shennawy (Famous Critic at Rosa Magazine column) writes:
"Khaled  Abol Naga  in this film is proving without a doubt He is the most spontaneous and believable actor with an ever expanding range of roles...

Khaled is changing his skin in each and every role we see him.. its Fascinating..."

- Kashf Hesab outdoor posters are all over Cairo...  to be released soon

I took a pic of the 6 October bridge Afiche here ..  ESHTA! >>>>

11 March 2007> Khaled  became a regular speaker in UNICEF events I am noticing... He said: “Fear is the reason behind the spread of this disease. Let’s break this barrier of fear”.

This remark by Khaled Abol Naga set the tone for a seminar at the 17th Cairo International Film Festival for Children on the role of the media in shaping the perceptions and attitudes of young people towards HIV/AIDS.
Read full article at UNICEF site: >>

18 Feb. 2007>  Khaled's new movie
Kashf Hesab
( aka: ALWAN EL TEIF )
release postponed to 21 March 2007 in Egypt...
Film starring:
Khaled  Abol Naga & Noor, Basma, Mahmoud Abdel Moghny
Randa Behairy, Ahmed Saeed Abdel Ghany, Lotfy Labeeb
Written by: Dr Mohamed Refaat
Directed by: Amir Ramsis
The film name and poster changed from Alwan El Teif to Kashf Hesab

Its a Suspense Thriller with an extra edge of real characters all with one thing in common: a past to hide from!

31 Jan. 2007>   BBCeeeeeeee!:
Khaled's BBCe! radio FUN FUN show has been shortlisted for a BBC World Service award for Innovation.  It's the first year that the BBC World Service has run the awards (an internal reward and recognition for various programmes and people in various categories). 
Khaled's BBCe is down to the final three and will know in a couple of weeks if it wins...

But it's a great achievement to be shortlisted as there were plenty of entries as you can imagine. Proud that Khaled's BBCe! is viewed as an innovative programme. 

Congratulations Khaled to make this recognitIion!

Tune to BBCe! in Cairo area
THURSDAYS:  89.5FM at 5pm
SATURDAYS:  108FM at 1pm
OR Listen to BBCe! online:

KHALED's RADIO FUN SHOW on 89.5 FM Thursdays at 5pm (Shark Awsat FM) and repeated Saturdays at 1pm at 108FM (shabab wel reyada FM)
More details on BBC site:

27 Jan. 2007>
الليله الكبيرة
خالد أبو النجا
Khaled's Ellela El Kebira on DubaiTV attracts attention:
Khaled's new Late Night Talk FUN FUN FUN TV show  on DubaiTV attracts a lot of attention


SUNDAYS 8:30pm Cairo Time
repeated :
Thursdays 4pm Cairo Time

Saturdays 9am Cairo Time

You can email Khaled Fun stuff for the show at

28 Dec. 2006> 
EXCLUSIVE: PHOTO OF Khaled's car right after car crash accident.. 2am 25 Dec 2006
Khaled is OK now
Khaled's Car crash totals his car and save a stray cat!
Khaled apparently was driving 2am  in Heliopolis after a Christmas Dinner at Ararat Armenian club and the street had no lighting when a cat suddenly crossed at the right turn from Salah Salem street to Merghani street and as he was trying to save the stray cat when his new BMW car hit the side walk and hit a Lamp pole... Thank god Khaled is OK...
He said i  "Im a bit in shock but Im OK .. Thanks to everyone asking ... Im OK Im OK.."
Khaled promissed to appear soon on TV to assure all he is OK...
wait for EL BET BETAK TV Talk show 
new year eve 2006-2007 at 12:30 right after the new year  (Exclusive news we just got now)

12 Dec. 2006>  Khaled Abol Naga appears 24 and 25 Dec with Dr Hala Sarhan on Rotana Cinema TV show Hala Show: and:
recieves a series of GREAT REVIEWS... from top acclaimed Film Critics :

>>> Akhbar El Yom: Ahmed Saleh:  "Khaled Abol Naga is the new Omar Sahrif...
undoubtedly the best actor of his generation...

>>> DailystarEgypt:  Joseph Fahim: "It's Abol Naga's performance that hangs in your mind as you leave the theater. He infuses the unobtrusive scorn of the character with the desperation, panic, intensity of feeling and wounded pride with outstanding effortlessness.   
The man's a natural.

This is a turning point in his career and, according to various critics, ..
one of the best contemporary performances by an Arab actor in an international film

>>> DailystarEgypt:  Joseph Fahim: Rafiq El-Sabban:
El-Sabban also criticized the somewhat overzealous decision to award the Chinese film "The Road" three prizes especially for the Special Jury Mention which he believes should have gone to Egyptian actor Khaled Abol Naga's performance in "Civic Duty."

>>> Al Mesaa 10Dec2006: Khaireya El Beshlawy:  "Khaled Abol Naga is an Egyptian actor with International stars Award winning standards..."

6 Dec. 2006>  Khaled attends 12pm and 9pm the Cairo Premiere and Press Conference of : Civic Duty (USA/Canada)
at GoodNews Cinema HYATT Hotel
(more details in news below dated: 20 Nov 2006)
GREAT  RECEPTION of Civic Duty ....
Khaled gives Q&A after the screening at 9pm (The whole movie theatre stayed for Q&A) VERY INTRESTING ...

2 Dec. 2006>  Khaled attends the Premiere and Press Conference of Mafeesh Gher Keda!...  NONE BUT THAT! (Egy)
>>NEW Photo album here>>

with great Press focus on his role NADER in Musical Mafish Gher Keda! ;) (more details in news below dated: 20 Nov 2006)

Khaled said after at the press conference: "None but That! is the most enjoyable film I've ever played.. it was a big fun project to do"

Huge intrest from all press with Khaled Abol Naga's role in the musical
Khaled seemed so happy after the screening and his sister and mother were there and appeared in several TV channels.

28 Nov. 2006>  Khaled attends the Opening of 30th Cairo international Film Festival with great Press focus on his record double presence: (details in news below dated: 20 Nov 2006 )
CIVIC DUTY (USA/Canada) (with Director Jeff Renfroe) and the long awaited Musical Movie :
NONE BUT THAT! (Mafeesh Gher Keda!) (Egypt) (with stars: Nabila Ebeid, Sawsan Badr, Arwa, Rola, A Kamal, A Azmy & Director Khaled El Hagar)

24 Nov. 2006> Khaled joins DANCE FOR LIFE event at Pyramids Cairo.

Khaled said :
"Dance4Life idea appeals to me as its a very effective way to raise awareness to the world youth's major challenge: HIV/AIDS.
its an attractive way of becoming involved, rewarding youth with a dance event at the end. It is this combination of information with dance and entertainment which motivated so many young people to show up... 4000 dancers at the pyramids at this event ...WAW!."

23 Nov. 2006> Khaled gives a roaring speach at UNICEF event at Opera for AIDS awareness and Hep-C virus & for Children:

Khaled entered the stage and started stairing at people for a good 2 FULL minutes .. there was SILENCE!... then they started Giggling, clapping loudly!, and then he started speaking:  He said "I know its not comfortable... SILENCE is not comfortable!, we Should not be SILENT...
then  quoted Martin Luther "our lives begin to end the moment we begin to be silent about things that matters" then he said that there is something that MATTERS a lot going on..
which is that Hep-C infectuion in Egypt is one of the Highest in the WORLD! and Hep-C has the same means of transmission to Humans as HIV/AIDS so WE ALL GOT TO BE VERY VERY AWARE that we have a VERY Dangerous situation.....

then he talked about who are the infected people,, and that THEY are US, and we must see them as US .. part of us not THEM.. WE ALL SHOULD FACE THIS WITH COURAGE AND INTEGRITY... WE ALL MUST UNITE"
people gave a standing roaring clapping for him..

21 Nov. 2006>   Bousha (Khaled's cat) died,  Khaled is so sad.

20 Nov. 2006> KhaLED ATTENDED THE PRESS CONFERENCE of the Cairo International Film Festival 26 Dec 2006 ,
For the first time ever ONE ACTOR has TWO movies in the
Official selection competition! in Cairo International Film Festival  WAW!...
...  here are the dates to catch the screenings and details:

مواعيد عرض فيلمين خالد أبوالنجا  فى المسابقه الرسميه فى مهرجان القاهره السينمائى ٢٠٠٦

 السبت ٢ ديسمبر  سينما جود نيوز  الساعه ١٢ ظهرا للصحافه و مؤتمر صحفى بعد العرض و ٩:٣٠مساء للجمهور 

(واجب مدنى  Civic Duty :)

 الاربع ٦  ديسمبر  سينما جود نيوز  الساعه ١٢ ظهرا للصحافه و مؤتمر صحفى بعد العرض و ٩:٣٠مساء للجمهور

الخميس ٧ ديسمبر الساعه ٧ مساء سينما جالاكسى

الجمعه ٨ ديسمبر الساعه ٩:٣٠ مساء سينما سيتى ستارز

Important dates of the screenings of Khaled Abol Naga's 2 movies @ Official selection in Cairo Film Festival 2006:>>NEW Photo album here>>

Mafeesh Gher Keda (NONE BUT THAT!)

Saturday 2 Dec 12pm @ good news cinema for press + press conference

@9:30pm public (stars present)

Civic Duty:  (USA/CANADA Dir: Jeff Renfroe attending)

Wednesday 6 Dec 12pm @Good_News cinema for press + press conference after
@9:30pm public scrng (stars present)

Thursday 7Dec 7pm @Galaxy Cinema

Friday 8Dec 9:30pm @City Stars Cinema

11 Nov. 2006> Khaled  is in Tunis 11-18 Nov.  at Carthage Film Festival
with Leabet el hob  & Malek we Ketaba!
Carthage 2006 in Tunis 11-18 November

2 Nov. 2006>  Happy Birthday Khaled!
Internet Encyclopedia WIKIPEDIA chooses Khaled Abol Naga as an icon of Egyptian & Arab youth and includes him  in the encyclopedia! WAW! here is the link:

Khaled is touring world wide festivals with Leabet el hob  & Malek we Ketaba!
Carthage 2006 in Tunis 11-18 November

25 Oct. 2006>
Leabet el Hob Released in Egypt 23 Oct 2006 with Eid Hollidays..

he TV ads and Outdoor ads are winning top attention.. Coool

14 Oct. 2006> Khaled Abol Naga starts in December 2006 his long awaited new TV late night weekly TALK SHOW:
الليله الكبيرة
خالد أبو النجا
soon there will be a website as well:

first broadcasting should be end of 2006 on DubaiTV....

10 Oct. 2006> Khaled Abol Naga celebrates the start of shooting and signing of new movie

(titled ALWAN EL TEF formerly) :


Khaled Abol Naga,
M Moghny,
Randa El Behairy

directed by
Amir Ramsis

Dop: Ahmed Gabr

10 Sept. 2006> 12pm (few minutes ago!) YESSSS
and another very important BEST ACTOR AWARD for Khaled Abol Naga:
in pic Khaled Abol Naga and Mohamed Ali (Director) who won Best Director for first work as well for the same film and Menna Shalaby who also got an award for her role in wahed men el nas
Khaled wins


YESS Yessssssss Yessssss, and Director Mohamed Ali wins BEST first Project Award....  CONGRATULATIONS ... ;)

22 Aug. 2006> 4pm Thursday  24 August there will be a Press Conference (TORTA and party for press! ;) ) at NAHASS STUDIO (Haram Street) by Producer Mamdouh El Leithy & Director Mohamed Khan & Stars of the new film :

( Fi Shaket Masr El Gedida ) aka: (In the Heliopolis Apartment)  celebrating & announcing mid shoot of  the new Mohamed Khan's film: starring Khaled Abol Naga, Ghada Adel, Ahmed Rateb, Aida Reyad. written by Wessam Soliman

in pics above Khaled and Director M Khan celebrating last day of shoot

21 Aug. 2006> WE VISITED THE SET AND MET Khaled:
Finally the long awaited Musical  MAFEESH GHER KEDA IS FINISHED SHOOTING, Now its in post production
Khaled is so Happy shooting is done, and is eager for the Audience to see it in 2007.

LEFT> Khaled in character in the Making of the Musical:
Khaled's character as Director Nader.! A NEW GEORGE CLOONEY LIKE LOOK WAW! >>
>>NEW Photo album here>>
Here is a list of films to be released soon:

Le3bet El Hob (The Game of Love!)  : Khaled Abol Naga, Hend
Sabry, Basma, Boshra. Directed by Mohamed Ali

October: Cairo Film Festival: ??? rumours not sure yet! C, M?

Small Eid :The Action drama: AGAMISTA : Khaled Abol Naga, Sherif Ramzy, Amr Mamdouh, Sherif Helmy. Directed by: Tarek Abdel Moaty

and soon news about CIVIC DUTY coming to Middle East

19 Aug. 2006> ..
Khaled is shooting next: ALWAN EL TEIF : Khaled Abol Naga, Noor, Basma, Moghny. Directed by Amir Ramsis.

After the amazing success of his carreer in such a short time, Khaled is rumored to have negotiations to sign a deal ! with a new major producer
we have rumours that his next movie to be shot summer next year 2007 "
Spectrum Colors" (ALWAN EL TEIF) starring himself and Noor and Basma will be directed by the new director Amir Ramsis
all details will be published here soon...
but it seems its a major production with major budget  and massive campaign marketing it.

19 July 2006>   Khaled is confirmed to be back in Cairo shooting his new movie: Mohamed Khan's film: ( Fi Shaket Masr El Gedida ) aka: (In the Heliopolis Apartment)  it is the second time he works with Mohamed Khan and the first time wirh Ghada Adel his co star!, most of shooting is in Heliopolis and Menya, Egypt.

5 July 2006> Khaled was in LA shooting till end of month
another BRAND NEW hush hush secret project in USA!!

in pic: Director El Hagar in picture here with Nabila Ebeid, Arwa in the Background preparing for a shot.
They are soon resuming shooting Khaled Abol Naga's Musical last scenes this week

seems that Abol Naga wo'nt have a vaccatiion as he wanted this summer!


Khaled in Pic:  Khaled Abol Naga Dancing in rehearsals with Director Khaled El Hagar
>>NEW Photo album here>>

18 June 2006>
Khaled  & Sherif in AGAMISTA ... coming soon!

Khaled is finished the shoot of Agamista this week
Khaled returned from Cannes Film Festival  & resumed shooting right away till this week

Khaled will take a vaccation after shooting as he said in ET interview aired last week  He said He has been in a twirl of work lately ... specially with CIVIC DUTY now being negotiated to be released in the middle east........ hmmmmmm COOOL

More news and coverage of Cannes trip  here: VCs LINK
We met Khaled while shooting and He seems to be in negotiations now to shoot a new film  in Tunis ! News here soon

6 April 2006>  BBCeeeeeeee!:
KHALED's RADIO FUN SHOW on 89.5 FM Thursdays at 5pm (Shark Awsat FM) and repeated Saturdays at 1pm at 108FM (shabab wel reyada FM)
More details on BBC site:
THURSDAYS:  89.5FM at 5pm
SATURDAYS:  108FM at 1pm

19 May 2006>
Khaled in Cannes Film Festival >>>
and more GREAT press reviews of Khaled:

More photos soon here..: Khaled with Mohamed Adel Emam and Haitham  Ahmed Zaki in Cannes party

and more links to great reviews on CIVIC DUTY:
New York times Reader Review>> LINK:
Yallabina site: >> LINK
Reuters site >>  REURTER site LINK
Tribeca Film Festival review>> LINK:

1 May 2006> New York:
Khaled gets even more and more GREAT press reviews

"Civic Duty" Presents Post-9/11 Paranoia
April 28, 2006 6:15 p.m. EST

Shaveta Bansal - All Headline News Contributor

New York, NY (AHN) - "Civic Duty," a low-budget thriller about post-September 11 paranoia is among a number of films dealing with U.S. and Middle East tensions since the 9/11 attacks.

The film playing at the Tribeca Film Festival, presents a largely sympathetic portrait of an Arab in America.

Khaled Abol Naga, an award-winning heartthrob of Egyptian cinema, who has starred in the film said at a news conference," For many Middle Eastern (people), Egyptians, Arabs, they feel misunderstood, misrepresented. They feel their voices are unheard in the Western world." 

Naga said he was happy to star in an American film that doesn't label him as a terrorist.

"Civic Duty," produced independently for a budget of just $1.2 million, stars Peter Krause, best known as the lead in HBO's hit drama "Six Feet Under," as Terry Allen

and lots of GREAT reviews at IMDB board on CIVIC DUTY and Khaled labelled as

Good thriller - great topic, 30 April 2006
Author: bregan-2 from United States

A Tribeca Film Festival favorite- topical thriller with lots of twist. I agree, it was a slow start.... just like a roller coaster!

I guess it is almost 5 years since 9/11 and time brings perspective, perhaps enough to look back on the emotional and political tenor of the period. Though not directly related to 9/11, this film gave me emotional flashbacks

Cast was good, Peter Krause took a lot of chances in this part and was good!

But a star is born with Khaled Abol Naga and his very convincing portrayal of a difficult character. Altho he has apparently made numerous films in his native Egypt, this US debut is stunning work. Despite myself, I felt sympathetic for the maybe-maybe-not terrorist. I bet we will see a lot more of Khalid.

28 April 2006> BIG BIG BIG SUCCESS IN REVIEWS OF Khaled's film & Yakobian film in New York:
Reuters and Yahoo and major credible sites review Khaled's performance in CIVIC DUTY:

LATEST NEWS FROM NEW YORK this time its official and from from Reuters:
Look at the link from Reuters site here>>

Post-9/11 paranoia examined in film at NY festival

By Claudia Parsons Fri Apr 28, 6:05 PM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - An award-winning heartthrob of Egyptian cinema, Khaled Abol Naga is happy to be starring in an American film that doesn't label him as a terrorist.

"Civic Duty," a low-budget thriller about post-September 11 paranoia playing at the Tribeca Film Festival, presents a largely sympathetic portrait of an Arab in America. It is among a number of films dealing with U.S. and Middle East tensions since the 9/11 attacks.

"Middle Eastern and Egyptian actors usually only get to play terrorists, but in this movie I got to be the terrorized one. That was a refreshing twist," said Naga, who plays a student who draws the suspicion of a neighbor in "Civic Duty."

"We feel that we're very misunderstood," Naga, a winner of the Egyptian version of an Oscar award, said at a news conference. "For many Middle Eastern (people), Egyptians, Arabs, they feel misunderstood, misrepresented. They feel their voices are unheard in the Western world."

The festival, founded in the wake of September 11 to revitalize lower Manhattan, opened with the premiere of "United 93," a Hollywood dramatization of the hijacked plane that crashed in Pennsylvania after the passengers overwhelmed the hijackers.

"Civic Duty", produced independently for a budget of just $1.2 million, stars Egyptian actor Khaled Abol Naga & Peter Krause, best known as Nate in HBO TV series  "Six Feet Under," as Terry Allen, an accountant who loses his job, spends too much time watching scare-stories on cable news and grows more and more paranoid.

Suspicious of his new neighbor, Terry takes matters into his own hands after failing to convince his wife or an FBI agent, played by Richard Schiff of "West Wing" fame, of his concerns.

The film raises troubling questions about civil liberties and racial profiling and is deliberately ambiguous on whether Terry's suspicions turn out to be well-founded, but the makers say they didn't want to get bogged down in politics.

"There's no way of reaching a certain segment of moviegoers without making a strong suspense thriller," said Krause, who plays funeral director Nate Fisher in "Six Feet Under."

Director Jeff Renfroe (right in photo) said he was determined not to tell people what to think. "If we'd gone out and made this really heavy, dark, political movie I'd be afraid that people wouldn't go to see it and that it would preach," he told Reuters.

Another thought-provoking exploration of the post-September 11 era is "The Yacoubian Building," billed as the most expensive movie ever made in Egypt.

It is a very different kind of film -- a slow-moving epic about the residents of a fading apartment building in Cairo, including the young Taha, who is rejected by the Police Academy because his father is a doorman, and is drawn into a militant religious group.

Made for a budget of more than 20 million Egyptian pounds ($3.5 million), the film also tackles taboo subjects such as homosexuality, prostitution, sexual harassment of women and class divisions in modern Egypt.

"It is a work that discusses, with all boldness and neutrality, all the cases existing in the society, and a lot of people are afraid to come near it," director Marwan Hamed said in the program notes for the film.


With the current state of affairs in the U.S., the film is relevantly-timed. But the story suffers from the irritating way the film is shot—a jarring score, excessive tension-building music, and over-use of news clips are often grating on the nerves. Stylistic complaints aside, there are a lot of interesting things that do work. Unlike many movies, Civic Duty is actually far better in its second half than its first, notably in the scenes where Allen and the terrorist have a battle of wills. These scenes are truly gritty and intense—if you’re still tuning in by that point. It’s a flawed psychological thriller that could benefit from some subtlety, but a sharp script and talented cast elevate the movie above its limitations.

and from Tribeca Film Festival site>> LINK:

Director Jeff Renfroe redefines the roles of terrorist and terrorized in this post-September 11 take on Rear Window. On the surface, Terry Allen (Peter Krause) appears to be a model American citizen. He dresses well, has a charming wife, and makes a decent living as an accountant. But after he loses his job and his mortgage application falls through, he quickly sinks into a media-fueled obsession with his country's war on terrorism. When a Muslim student named Gabe Hassan unexpectedly moves in next door, Allen's fears are further exacerbated. He shadows Hassan, examines his trash, and decides to file a report with the local FBI office. Meanwhile, Allen's wife watches in horror as her once liberal husband scours most-wanted lists and monitors Hassan's home with the trademark mania of a government agent gone-wrong. While the FBI case officer (Richard Schiff) drags his heels, Allen takes matters into his own hands. He unlawfully enters Hassan's home and his findings furtherhis suspicions. As the film draws nearer to its horrifying conclusion, the line between terrorist and nationalist becomes frighteningly unclear. Egyptian actor Khaled Abol Naga and Six Feet Under star Peter Krause both deliver electric performances in this taut psychological thriller.
 - Rowan Riley

Khaled is in New York for the World premiere of CIVIC DUTY...
We got the VERY FRESH news of last night screening & reception
and PHOTOS exclusive for the site.. ;) YESSSSS
friends from New York sent images of Khaled & cast on the Red Carpet before and after the screening...
There was a Q&A from the Audience  & our source tells us that  Khaled & cast were quite funny on stage... Khaled was introduced by the PRODUCERS as the NEXT OMAR SHARIF... soon more news from New York,....

Khaled &  Cast on the RED CARPET
(Peter Krause, Jeff Renfroe, kari Matchet, Khaled Abol Naga & Richard Schiff

Khaled &  Cast on the RED CARPET
(Peter Krause, Jeff Renfroe, kari Matchet, Khaled Abol Naga & Richard Schiff

Khaled interviewed by Tribeca Film Festival TV (Look Below.. seems a funny one)

Khaled interviewed by ET (Entertainment Tonight show) @ Red Carpet ...Tribeca Film Festival... ET can be seen on Showtime in Cairo & MidEast

Khaled interviewed by Tribeca Film Festival TV (VERY FUNNY photo .. seems Khaled just threw a joke at the interviewer!)

Khaled & Producer Kim Roberts at Tribeca Film Festival Red Carpet before the world premiere of CIVIC DUTY

Khaled &  Cast on stage after the premiere for Q&A from the Audience...
Director Jeff Renfroe, Kari Matchet, Peter Krause,  Khaled Abol Naga, Producer Andrew Lanter & Writer Andrew Joiner

VERY FUNNY Q&A it seems
Khaled &  Cast on stage after the premiere for Q&A from the Audience...
Director Jeff Renfroe, Kari Matchet, Peter Krause,  Khaled Abol Naga, Producer Andrew Lanter & Writer Andrew Joiner

  more Archivesd News here: >>>

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