Satellite: Uosat5 !

Satellite Uosat5 !
Khaled's Masters studies were involving Designing A Spacecraft (Satellite):in Univ. of Surrey!
Here are its basic facts:
Launched : 17 July 1991 on ARIANE flight V44 ASAP
Orbit : 800 km, sun-synchronous.
Orbit: 725 x 729 km, 98.1°
  Bus : SSTL microbus, second generation
Sponsor : University of Surrey, SatelLife, Matra, KAIST,ARIANESPACE, SERC, SSTL Payloads :
Uplink: 145.900 MHz FM 9600-baud FSK
Downlink: 435.120 MHz FM 9600 Baud FSK
Broadcast callsign: UOSAT5-11
Status : Operational

UoSAT-5 (OSCAR-22), 1991-050B.
SSTL microsat launched on the second ARIANE (40) ASAP on mission V44 on the 17th July 1991 (01:46:31 GMT) alongside three other secondary payloads ORBCOMM-X, SARA and TUBSAT-1, and main payload the European Space Agency's ERS-1. UoSAT-5 carries a digital Store and Forward communications and Earth Imaging payload, enhanced versions of the UoSAT-4 payloads. The spacecraft currently operates in the amateur satellite communications service providing a research test bed for new and efficient LEO protocols. UoSAT-5 is operated from the SSTL, Guildford, in the U.K. picture shows the spacecraft before launch. The 48.4kg microsatellite is box shaped with dimensions 350x350x650mm, with four solar panels on the larger facets, and a 6m gravity gradient boom.
More detail at: [SSTL] [AMSAT]

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