updated 17 july 2003
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To ALL those fans and lovers of "Sahar El Layaly" Movie & its 10 heros:
Hani Khalifa
... (Director)
Tamer Habib
... (Writer)
Khaled Abolnaga
... (Ali)
Sherif Mounir
... (Sameh)
Hanan Turk
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Mona Zaki
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We at www.khaledabolnaga.com want to clarify that we publish openions sent by fans of Sahar & Khaled Abol Naga as they are, We dont necessarily agree with all/or part of its content nor that we require any artistic value to publish them, We wanted to publish them all or in part just as they are as examples to what the Growing fans of Sahar & Khaled send us.


 O P E N I O N  

Maged Zakaria <King_maged@hotmail.com>
27 June 2003 4:04 AM
الحقيقة مش عارف ابدأ الكلام ازاي لكن احب اقولك ان فيلم سهر الليالي شكله حلو جدا انا لسه ما دخلتوش لكن اوعدك اني هادخله الاسبوع الجاي وهابعتلك رأيي فيه
  انا اسمي ماجد طالب في كلية طب عين شمس 20 سنة وبحب الرغي جدا ع النت او التليفون بس وده لاني خجول جدا
بيعجني فيك المرح وخفة الدم الطبيعية ،
شفتك على دريم امبارح مع هالة سرحان بصراحة كنت (واكل) الجو من كل اللي قاعدين ودي حاجة مش سهلة ابدا
مش هاطول عليك لان اكيد وقتك محدود لكن صدقني هابقى مبسوط لو وصللي منك رد بأي كلمة وعندي ليك سؤال غلس ممكن نبقي اصحاب ع النت؟
مع السلامة واتمنى ليك كل نجاح وربنا يوفقك
YOUSSEF,KARAM (HP-Egypt,ex1) <karam.youssef@hp.com>
25 June 2003 11:27 AM
Dear Khaled,
We met last night after the Opening / screening of Sahar El Layaly.... and did shake hands.  I was impressed ......you were really great. you made me cry. the whole movie is quite good.
Good Luck,
Yahia Riad <yr5t@yahoo.com>
25 June 2003 1:19 PM
Dear Khaled
I watched your movie yesterday, you were great,
Really, a  very handsome young man with natural
performance, at ease in front of the Cam. and most of
all you have "it" the thing that makes audience look
at you and listen to what you have to say
I loved the movie, though you know as a St. Georgian
we're not very fond of Arabic movies, but this one is
Good job keep up the good work
Best of luck

Amr ........ fan no : 1
nado gfhnjsf <sad_model@yahoo.com>
25 June 2003 8:14 PM
HI  Ali....................... i mean .Khaled,
How r u? i hope every thing is ok ....... mabroooook . WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW

الفيلم رائع جدا جدا جدا  انا حضرت امبارح اول عرض للفيلم في سينما  هيلتون  بلازا في اسكندريه و كان نفسي اسجل كل الكلام والتعليقات الي كان الناس بتقولها عن الفيلم  وابعتهالك علشان تشوفها بجد كان الفيلم فعلا رائع جدا وفعلا بقالنا كتير مشوفناش فيلم جميل بالشكل ده من فتره طويله بيطرح مشاكل موجوده فعلا والفيلم فيه تمثيل عالي جدا جدا , والديكور جميل 
اما عن دورك فكان فعلا موفاجئه جميله وكنت طبيعي بطريقه مش طبيعيه
 انا كنت فرحان بالفيلم كاني انا الي كنت بمثله فعلا مش انت فعلا تفوقت علي نفسك في الدور الجميل ده وملبسك وتسريحت شعرك متوافقه مع الدور جدا    انا بكره حروح الفيلم تاني انا واصحابي
علي فكره الجمهور كان متعاطف معاك في الفيلم جدا جدا وبالذات في اخر مشهد لما كونت بتعترف لمراتك انك خونتها
وده طبعا علشان كونت طبيعي جدا
كونت عايز اسال سوءال انت مش حتنزل وسط الجمهور علشان تحضر الفيلم ؟ لازم تعلن ده علشان اعرفو احضر انا كمان واشوفك  من بعيد ؟  : )
.........................................realy i dont know what to say again but iam vvvvv happy for u
i wish u all the best ur fan no one

Amr ........ fan no : 1
musical dandana <ismy_bashar_hs@hotmail.com>
27 June 2003 10:03 AM
hi Khaled i'm Dandana(Deena).I want 2 tell u that "SAHAR EL LAYALY" is wonderful, congrats 2 all the group.
                                                                       Thanks :)

hanna ali hagose <hagose@hotmail.com>
28 June 2003 8:26 AM
I was happy for you and I have looked at your pictures in GALAXY cenima  and you looked happy that means you have done somthing that you wanted to do.  I really wanted to be happy for you and tell you and I am here as a friend to be for you and I can see every thing .. and to show you how much I respect you .
 I will keep on watching your news as friend and PLZ TAKE CARE AND MAKE YOUR FAMILY HAPPY.
hodhod my nick name
note:I am not in LOVE with you for you but for ALLAH.
hare2a@hotmail.com <hare2a@hotmail.com>
28 June 2003 6:55 PM
اجمل فنان وانسان مع تمنياتي بمزيد من التقدم
اول حاجه عاوز اقولها ليك انك مثل بارع جدا ومتقن لادوارك وحاجه تانيه انك بتخلي الي بيتفرج عليك يقتنع بالي بيشوفه
يعن بجد انته فنان وانا سعيد جدا اني قابلتك يوم 28/6 في سينما جالكسي انته وباقي الفنانين العظمان الي بيمثله جيل الشباب والي بيعمله حجات تخاطب الجيل  ده بالزات  بجد انا سعيد جدا اني قابله وخدت صوره تذكاريه مع حضرتك وعايز من حضرتك توصل سلامي لجميع الفنانين الي كانوا مع حضرتك في اليوم ده وبالزات للفنانه حنان ترك لاني معجب بيها وبتمسيلها جدا ولو ممكن اني اعرف السايت بتاعها لو عندها واخيرا بتمنالك المزيد من التقدم يا اجمل خالد
 (مهند البنا ) باي
Marco of Alexandria <marcoalexandria@hotmail.com>
02 July 2003 5:51 PM
I took my mom to sahar el layaly, she couldn't stop laughing ... I enjoyed it so much as well ... The film is so into today's life ... so into today's people ... It is a great start for more freedom in cinema ...
I loved your role, I really did, Yours was probably the role that stands out most and that gains the most sympathy from the audience, you are the good guy who just doesn't exactly know what to do ... The other guys are great too, I like Fat'hy he is a nice fresh new face ... I always like Hanan as well, and the new girl (Mounir's gf ) (Ola) she's hot and I think she'll be seen again.
Script is very real and of today ... camera work is very impressive when the scenes get dramatic, like when you were talking to your wife on the phone while on the beach almost begging her to ask you to come back home ... the waves coming towards you all white and then disappearing into the sand, while at the same time we feel your tears doing the same ... it was a very picturesque scene ... also when Hanan and Helmy were fighting ... great camera captures with great color backgrounds ... Great directing in general ... nice that at the end all the couples kept an icon of their experiences with them ... ya3ni although it is a happy ending ... the problems still remain there ... and life goes on ... I like that
I think I spoke too much ... Salam for now!
P.S. I dunno which asshole told me that your wife in the movie was a masochist,
P.S. If you are good at reading between the lines, here are some of the things I say and feel  www.geocities.com/locatorhr/quotes.html
If you are interested in that stuff I could send you some of my poetry.
Marco of Alex
Eline ** <elineharold@hotmail.com>
10 July 2003 9:44 PM
                         ABOUT SAHAR EL-LAYALY
                                By:   ELINE HAROLD
Its title is excerpted from Fairouz's charming song. Nowadays,everyone in Egypt speaks about this new movie. Some state that it is brave and tells us the truth of our youth. Others find some scenes a bit over the limit of acceptance. Despite all these jabs, it stands on the top.
I think this is a realistic movie! we all know the husband who betrays his wife everyday"The owner of car shop". The poor bride groom whose house and clothes and salary are given by his mother-in-law is an egyptian stereotype. The young man who shares his girlfriend both bed and residence can be found everywhere in Egypt. The movie reflects the naked truth and rips off the veneer of our social life. Who said Appeasement is the target of art anyway.
Khaled Abol-Naga is fantastic in spite of that scene he makes love with his wife, I find it not necsessary and virulent.
Khaled presents one of his best roles. He does not pretend the charachter. He is the charachter, that emotional and senstive and faithful person.

Finally, I spoke on theatre, after the movie end, to four young men and asked them about it."We found ourselves here" "This is our story".

sameh sanad <sameh_sanad@hotmail.com>
17 July 2003 5:05 AM
اجمل فيلم هذا الموسم فعلا هو (سهر اليالي) مليون مبروك علي دورك الجميل و الجرئ .... وما فيش شك انها قصه جريئه و تستحق الفرجه اكتر من مره( سامح سند